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broken ribs symptoms

throughout the course of everyday life, we'reall going to incur some type of injury. hi, i'm captain joe bruni. what i want to talkabout is how to treat the minor fractured rib. fractured rib can present itself in sharppain, especially during the inspiration of breathing. if the person is suspected of havinga cracked rib or a fractured rib, pieces of adhesive tape, one to two inches in widthshould be placed across the fracture area

broken ribs symptoms

broken ribs symptoms, site by taping from the front of the sternumall the way around to the back of the spine, taping across the fracture suspected site,and taping slightly below and slightly above that area. this will help reduce pain andkeep that area stable. after the area has been taped off, the person should be encouragedto cough to keep secretions and fluids from

accumulating and pooling in the lung. it willbe painful, but encourage the person to cough to avoid this secondary problem from occurring.if it's a major fracture site it will have to be treated as a flailed chest by placingsome type of device and keeping that person still as they breathe, and keep reducing movementin that flail or damage segment area. i'm captain joe bruni. stay safe, and we'll seeya' next time.

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