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bubbly sound in ear

i don't know what i'll be later on either. - hello. / - hello. hello. i think it would be nice to work with them and make some fun memories.

bubbly sound in ear

bubbly sound in ear, i don't sing. no, i can't sing. people don't know how much i struggled. it worries me but i've always wanted to try this. if i don't take this chance to do this,

i don't think i'll ever get another chance. i always felt a bit of regret someplace in my heart. my heart races... about doing another girl group. i'm happy. (will we be able to sing together?) so the best trainers in each field will get together to show them the k-pop training system.

(performances aren't made in a day) (behind the songs that captivate the world) (there are many experts) (that are part of the korean idol fostering system) (and the best instructors have gathered!) you guys will do vocals. (jang jinyoung, sm vocal trainer) (han wonjong, practical music professor) choreography...

(kim hwayeong, former jyp choreographer) (kim gyusang, visual performance director) an hyeokmo will be in charge of facial expressions. (an hyeokmo, acting coach) ideas about the performance... (park kolleen, korea's first musical director) the problem is that their skill levels vary from a to z. some are very talented...

and some i really worry about... ♪ daddy bear is fat ♪ jinkyung is better. how will we create harmony with these girls? they need a target that will really watch them and cheer for them but i don't know what audience to target. i don't think older guy fans are the answer. we'll target every age group then.

i agree to that. kind of like mcdonalds. even "tell me" by wonder girls had a familiar retro sound that even the elderly could recognize. and the dance was easy to imitate. they need that too, but also something silly that keeps people watching them.

there needs to be twists. people might think chaeyoung will be sexy but we'll portray her as a girl crush. hong jinyoung is a trot singer so she's very bubbly. we can use our special skills... - to change their image. / - change them. since there's no female super junior, that could be a good concept.

they'd sing really fun songs. - you want them to be fun? / - yes. there's that strong scene in "chicago" that the 5 women do. - they kill all the men... / - killed them? i could sense a lot of strength and strong movements from them. i like to do everything hardcore. i do too.

i'm extremely hardcore. (failed) what if they all quit? (do they even know?) what the... - i almost brought out my air gun. / - hello. (furry) - why? / - i almost went hunting. - long time no see. / - hello.

i love this. (an exciting match) (to see who is stiffer) (acorn 1, acorn 2, acorn 3) (there was promise of an intense battle) kind of the same level? she's really poor at it... - see me standing here by myself? / - for real. - i really... / - come here, jinkyung.

- you two are the same. you go over there. / - no. why me? let's not pick who's the worst or say we're the same. let's let an expert decide officially... - alright. / - that's the right way. jinkyung, you've been hearing from experts though. this isn't new to you. hello!

hello, everyone. - the best members. / - what the... the best members. a neck pillow. i don't want to sleep next to jinkyung. i feel like she'll be loud even when she sleeps. (who wants to be my roommate?) and hyungsuk... he seems like a gentle bear...

- all fuzzy and nice. / - he looks like a nice guy. but he gave us a ton of homework. - right? / - and he just bounced. he just left all nonchalantly. he's like the devil. (two days ago) (suddenly gives them a lot of homework!) (1st verse of "shut up" and 1st verse of any song) (26 seconds of "shut up" choreography)

(and 30 seconds of free dancing) (and he just leaves the chat room) i had a mental breakdown. my mind didn't just go blank... sounds like fun! i'm ruined... what will i do? (cry) - so mean. / - that was so mean. get out, kim hyungsuk!

you should've gave us more time. within 2 days is mean. that was a punk move. for real. it's true. i couldn't sleep. - i only slept an hour from stress. / - why? - gosh... / - you should overcome that stress. hyungsuk, i'm filled with more energy than ever. i feel great.

(is she for real?) i practiced in front of the mirror and 30 seconds isn't enough time. - yeah? / - yes, that's the kind of person i am. (the real idol fostering system starts now) (they each do level tests) i don't think you really practiced. that sounded very gloomy. (until the final stage)

(to become a real girl group with hyungsuk's group) (first up, vocal and dance level tests) (the dance level test will start first) i feel so pressured. i'm so nervous. i should get ready... (today is the dance level test!) (or the lower tier dance war) jinkyung and i seem to be around the same.

i'm a better dancer than chaeyoung. i thought i'd be a better dancer than jinkyung. (more intense than the battle for 1st and 2nd!) (the battle of the low tiers!) (who will be the new worst dancer?) let me introduce you to today's dance teacher. two of the best girl group choreographers... - will come here. / - two?

it's kim gyusang and kim hwayeong. (former jyp choreographer, kim hwayeong) hello, i'm choreographer kim hwayeong. i did the choreography for wonder girls, miss a, sunmi, gain and rain. i was in charge of girl group choreography at jyp. (amazing!) the guy teacher too. (visual performance director, kim gyusang)

hello, i'm the visual performance director of loen entertainment, kim gyusang. lee hyori, hyuna, 4minute, sistar, apink, aoa... the newer groups, gugudan and wjsn. that's about it. they don't need to say how great they are. - let's watch them dance. / - right! let's see! ("tell me" by wonder girls)

(perfectly in-synch and classy) (hands put together out of respect ) (light on her feet) - she's really light. / - wow... ("nobody" by wonder girls) this is a good one. (she made this dance that everyone knows!) ("bad girl good girl" by miss a) (wow)

- she's like a dancing machine. / - yeah. ("shut up" by unnies) she's the one who made these dances... wow... (to think they are seeing her in person...) (respect) i feel that even without music, the audience, even the deaf, should know what that person is trying to express

just by seeing them dance. she's an amazing trainer. first time meeting the choreographer for "shut up." so the guy teacher... ("alone" by sistar) (embarrassed) this is really embarrassing. (tottering) this looks a bit strange.

he's not that good. - i'm sorry. / - he seems worse than jinkyung. i don't like to show off my body to others... - i was very... / - he's a very shy trainer. how can a teacher be like this? i took two nerve relaxers... i was scared at first. i was scared by the unnies' charisma. you can't dance, can you?

no, i'm very good at dancing. the thing is... - i was a bit... / - just show us a verse. - we need to be able to trust our teacher. / - right. (watch this) ("nonono" by apink) (very gentle!) (looks like he's got it now) ("mirror mirror" 4minute)

(is this good enough?) (hyuna's sexiness starts with me!) (the mirror dance) (his moves are sexier than a girl group) (he seems warmed up now) (yeah) (whew, i'm done!) - teacher, you're such a tease. / - yeah. - you're very flexible for a man. / - for real.

- you dance so prettily. / - yeah. but... so we'll have the dance level test. please show us your skills. okay. (super nervous) (the dance level test!) (it starts now!) did you all do your homework?

one person at a time will do. we'll have hong jinyoung go first. thumbs up. i don't think it's right that i go first. this is nuts... first one is the sacrifice. it's the audition camera. i want to run away. what song did you pick for your free choice?

i just prepared a few fun looking steps. i'll keep that in mind. start the track from 1 minute 10 seconds. so precise. - i'm excited. 1 minute 10 second. / - no! - this is crazy! / - jinyoung. just use your face. - here i go. / - yes, whenever you're ready. - i'm ready. / - yes.

("bomba" by jessy matador) (her steps are right on the beat) (she even looks cheerful) (she shows her strengths with the plain song) (it's the highlight of the song) (almost became a clubber) she gets you pumped up. (tries her best until the end!) that was good.

she has a good sense of rhythm. i'm good at steps like this. totally useless for a girl group. (come on, sook...) don't you think that step would be useless? kang yewon. i forgot the dance. - what do i do? / - just do what you want. you saw what jinyoung did.

but she was good. isn't it super embarrassing? totally! i've never been this embarrassed in my life. i'm usually pretty shameless. it's better to get it out of the way first. i know i practiced but i can't remember a thing. standing there does that to you. you're on a vein of water.

- let's go! / - here i go. 1, 2, 3, 4. (step, step) (wary) just go. that way. (i know i'm better than that) (trying hard) (let's go, yewon!) (shaking)

♪ shut up ♪ (ends on a cute note) ("poison" by uhm junghwa) (laughs) (smile) (a lot of different dances) i'm pretty good, right? (avoid eye contact) why are you laughing?

that was good, right? we're really in trouble now. so next is kim sook. - as soon as she spoke. / - you shouldn't laugh. geez, you guys are terrible at dancing. the oldest one! show us how it's done, sook. we'll be expecting more than the new members. i want to look like i'm enjoying myself.

- you should enjoy dancing. / - you should. - dancing is about enjoying. / - not the moves. - you can't dance if you're nervous. / - right. you have to warm up. cue the music. you just start off like this. (powerful and super confident dancing!) (come on, this is my song) (even the trainer cheers)

(swinging with right hand while walking on right?) my hand... (like the mistake never happened) (are you watching, jyp?) she's good! i used the same hand and foot on this side. i was really nervous. - what's your free choice song? / - oh, for that... since we're doing a girl group...

i worked hard at a girl group dance... i practiced 40 seconds worth. i got a lesson this morning from i.o.i's sohye. you really prepared a lot. enjoy yourself. ("pick me" by i.o.i) (hilarious) look at her face. (pick me now!)

this is so funny. (yikes!) (powerful hip shaking) (where did she get that old man's track suit?) (acting cute) very good. (exactly like the original) (powerful pointing towards the sky) (it's not over yet!)

(powerful punching!) (enamored) (god sook, the conqueror of "pick me") (like performed by 101 people) sook is amazing. you really are amazing. you're supposed to be bubbly but she was threatening. enjoy dancing. don't be nervous.

i felt threatened. the dance seemed middle-aged. geez... (got lessons from i.o.i's sohye at the salon) okay, i got it. (thanks, sohye) somi. (hahaha) somi's really good at dancing.

- i'll take a break. / - cue the music. are you sleeping? (i should watch somi) so pretty. (really different from the previous performance...) wow, she's good. (no wonder people love somi...) she's good. she's like a former member.

(finishes the basic test) so light on her feet. the younger you are, the lighter you are. she could float up to the ceiling. ("ain't ready" by tinashe) (her movements look perfect despite her age) (the cuteness comes from her youth) such pretty lines. (somi changes every year)

(she's shy after she finishes dancing) (big smile) lucky... - i'm proud of you. / - you're so good. fifth is hong jinkyung. jinkyung. show them as a season 1 member. show us! i'll try my best with all my effort

so we can become a girl group. i hate that about myself! (i won't lose in dancing!) i prefer to dance freely in the moment like i'm at a club instead of doing a choreographed routine. ("juicy wiggle" by redfoo) (starts revving up) (my dancing blood has awakened again!)

here she goes. here she goes! looks like a squid being grilled. she curls inward. (this is the hot stone-plate club!) (i can do that!) (the black squid quickly moves somewhere) here she comes, here she comes. towards the teacher! (squirming)

(what is that?) (save me!) (totally into it) you really get into it. very powerful. (my poor eyes...) why are you so shy? - that was powerful. / - it was? it was powerful?

do you have a guy in mind from the past? jinkyung, he wrote an x for you. what happened? next is han chaeyoung. go, chaeyoung. let's go! chaeyoung always goes after jinkyung. i've never danced before. i just danced how i felt.

- i see. / - although i don't know what i felt. by the way, she wants to be in the center. i see... please keep that in mind. (important ranking of the bottom 3) (bouncy) (hopping) (flapping) (pretty rhythmical)

she's not bad. not bad. (getting through the choreography!) (a bit awkward but she memorized the moves!) - that wasn't bad. / - pretty good. i think you're better than jinkyung. this is a hard day for me... - please take it easy on me. / - okay. that was my first time dancing.

she's so shameless considering her skills. last is gong minzy. dancing god, dancing king. our pride and joy. - she's so... / - our pride. - all we have is her. / - our only prospect. she's a lot better than you guys. - quiet. / - okay, sorry. i really love hip hop dancing.

i'll just go freestyle. (excited) ("where they from" by missy elliot) (powerful from the start) (jaws drop!) (her dancing is on another level!) (she seems to be enjoying herself!) (so natural like it's an existing choreography!) (they just spectate)

(minzy has the blood of a dancer) i'll stop here. you should've kept going. that's too bad. should we all dance to this song right now? what a great song. show them some dances. i can't do your dances. (pulling in the air!) just shake it.

what are they doing? (4 different butterfly dances) - chaeyoung! / - oh, come on... - why? / - let's see. do the butterfly. do this. there you go. (the barbie butterfly dance) like this?

(their fun ends here...) (time to judge their dancing) (thinking hard) why are they so serious? was it that close? - is it that hard? / - they're super serious now. like they're grading the sats. i was going to get some beverages. let's have last place pay.

- yeah. / - agreed! i have a feeling it'll be me. - don't say that. / - i feel like it'll be me. - coffee for the teachers too. / - agreed. - coffee and? / - chocolate. agreed! and what else? i feel bad for making yewon pay for all that. yeah, let's do that. so we'll announce the rankings

of the dance level test according to what you've prepared. we'll start off by announcing the first place. didn't ask, don't care. - it's so obvious. we know. / - just accept it, minzy. 1st is minzy. we can't catch up to her. she's the pride of our team. she really is.

- with a score of 9.5. / - thank you. - she's so good. / - she's our best dancer. top class. 2nd is somi. she was really great. i gave her a score of 9. she is very good despite her young age. - right. i'm jealous. / - yeah. i gave her a 9 too.

- wow, a 9 from both? / - yes. you really drew us in. i felt like i was watching her which is why i gave her a high score. also she was feminine. - he likes sexiness. / - sexiness. maybe i could be next if it's sexiness. you were really sexy. right.

you could get 3rd. jinkyung, you could get 3rd. you're the sexy one. hold on. what if chaeyoung gets 3rd for her lines? no, her lines weren't that good. mine were better. 3rd... we'll be announcing 3rd now. 3rd is...

sook. - me? / - yes. (a huge twist!) (celebrates with the "pick me" dance) - really? / - yes. she deserves it though. i gave her a score of 8. what? w-w-why? why?

let's hear your reasons. her dances were very powerful. i loved her energy. she made the people watching want to dance. i almost started doing the "pick me" dance too. very unique use of her hips too. she's smiling ear to ear. i've never gotten 3rd. you make people want to imitate you.

you could be an issue maker. with a little more care. i told you i wasn't a good fit with jyp. i've found my teachers. 4th is... hong jinyoung is 4th. - yes. / - wow. not hong jinkyung? hong jinyoung.

i think with a little more adjustments, these rankings can vastly change. because you have a great aura and you're very good at the little motions in between the moves. (it's finally time) so 5th is... 5th... 5th is...

(who is the best among these 3?) chaeyoung. (she is truly happy) we should take a vote on this. - i'm so happy. / - i cannot accept this. jinkyung, let me say a few words. where's my camera? why are you giving a speech? - i... / - sook, this is ridiculous.

i've never danced before, so isn't it a miracle that i got 5th out of 7 people? thank you. i'll do my best. chaeyoung had some moves. she had some moves. see that? see? she does have some moves. i gave her a score of 7. - that's a really high score. / - yes.

oh, i'm sorry. it's a 6. she had her own style and she was thoughtful. but because you've never learned you don't know how exactly to do things. however your do have innate talent and you can stay on rhythm. it's not too excessive. should she still compete to be in the center? don't be too ambitious...

- yeah. / - she admits it. now, 6th and 7th. the remaining two... - step forward? / - yes. - up front. / - me too? please step forward. - gosh... / - we have to be called up front? i'm not going to be that happy about beating her. jinkyung!

am i that bad? i'm not. (i danced so well...) wow, this is so shocking. so 6th is... - jinkyung. / - what? - jinkyung. / - is 6th? can't believe i'm actually happy about this. dang... jinkyung... - jinkyung. / - honestly...

i wanted to give you a really high rank. you're just 6th among them. for me it was between you and chaeyoung. i loved that you were edgy. but you were too close to me so i couldn't see much. i was covering my face so i missed a lot. then to you she's in 5th. she could be.

- right? / - but i didn't see. she was shaking her hips right in front of me. - what a relief. / - now... 7th. me? - you both gave yewon last place? / - yes. i'm that bad? what should i do? do you normally listen to music? - slow songs. / - thought so.

i don't think you've heard many beats. i don't listen to that kind of music. your body lacks a lot of rhythm? - a lot? / - a lot... a whole lot. really? what should i do? you can do it. hang in there. you can do it too, yewon. (can yewon turn this around?)

(dance level) hang in there. you can do it if you try, yewon. - if you try hard. / - yes, i'll try hard. i'm a bit upset that i lost to you. i thought i'd beat you. this is shocking. jinkyung is so tall so she doesn't look cool when she dances.

you know what i mean. - geez... / - you seem so relaxed. that's because i'm on top. yewon, i'm sorry but did you bring your credit card? - yewon... / - yewon is buying. i agreed to. - you expected it and gave them your card? / - yes. very nice of her. where are you originally from?

- new york. / - i'm from canada. but i came to korea when i was 1 years old so i attended a school for foreigners. must be great to speak both korean and english. yeah. i've been living in korea for 17 years now. now i find korean to be more comfortable. - i speak korean before english now. / - right? - me too. / - i speak chinese after korean.

(what is it?) - chaeyoung... / - hurry. - i'll be back. / - you're coming back? so what do we do now, teacher? good job on the level test. hold on. - can we stand in order? / - yes, stand in order. you planned this. oh, no...

since there's such a big gap in skill... - we'll split you guys up. / - split up like this. (combined they're like a black hole) teaching you in two groups would be better. these two have their basics down and everything. can't you say these three? sook, come here. - why? / - come here. you two will work with me

to add some missing sexiness. i'll teach the minor class. time out. there are only two teams? i'm not so bad that i belong here. but these two make me look bad. i don't think... i really don't think i belong on this side. i'm a bit...

split us into 3 classes. like this. oh, come on! what is this? i can't believe this. - she needs rehab. / - teacher... i'll move ahead of these two in a month and be here. my pride was really hurt there. she's so ambitious. i'll catch up to you in 2 weeks for real.

in 2 weeks... for real... you think i won't try hard? you need to have good basics in dancing. i'll be changing you all from the ground up so that we can see improvements. yes. and i... wasn't going to dance anymore so...

i got into another company 3 months ago. - really? to quit dancing? / - yes. - but you started again because of us? / - yes. you're all my last students. i'll try my best. - i want to do well. / - to make one more issue... you'll never dance again from being sick of us. we'll really make it hard on you. you two were childhood friends

and started around the same time. so who's the better dancer? - that's a battle of pride. / - right. - he's better? / - sure. no, she's a lot better. let's have the teachers battle then! teacher! since we're a team, i'll have my students help me.

help me. we should help him. come on. this way. don't be shy. we can help you. he's so reliable. - we're here for you. you don't trust us? / - no... you don't believe in us? we'll start the battle once the music starts. - battle. / - light and easy.

yewon, you go first. yewon, you start off. (her lips are pursed) she's different. (another squid joins in) (someone remove the grill...) someone else try. - who can beat yewon? / - bring it. come on.

(bring it) wow! hold on... (1st class waves) hold on... hold on. stay away! (wins the 1st match with just body waves!) that's it. i'd better step out. (i have the crazy hips here) her hips...

the hip dancing. (someone brush her hair) my neck hurts so much. help me out. minzy, come on. do we look similar? looking good. chaeyoung, you're hanging in there. - not bad. / - give minzy a turn. (stretch)

wow! (her dances are cute yet powerful!) (spins) (if you dance, i will too) (succeeds in turning) you can't beat jinkyung. come on, our teacher. let's go, teacher. our teacher.

(starts with some advanced moves!) (they scream forgetting the battle) (he jumped!) - he's good. / - we'll catch up to you two in no time. i'll have you work on the basics. once the choreography is ready, we'll work on that. first, what we'll learn today is... we'll just do up-down today. for the entire hour. we did up-down.

we learned that. your feet are off-beat. (the dance that made them shed tears and snot?) (they have no idea what they're getting into!) - can i sit out if i can do this? / - show us. - yes. / - 5, 6, 7, 8. (they both start with the down groove) (all out of time) what exactly did you learn?

up, down, up, down... you're doing up-down but your form is... this is what you guys did. this is how it's supposed to be. you need power. so even when you walk, your steps feel different. (this is easy)

up-down is the most important thing. - let's do this. / - go for now. - let's try it. / - yes. this is the most basic thing. think of it as doing squats. flex your stomach a lot and curve your back. pretend you're raising your hips. so... 1, 2... 3, 4...

1, 2, 3... (the count doesn't stop) 4, 5, 6... get lower. - 5, 6, 7, 8... / - this hurts. - 100 times. / - 100 times? 1, 2, 3... get lower. 4, 5... - 3 more times. / - my legs hurt.

this class doesn't suit me. is this dancing? 4 times. 1, 2, 3, 4. this is hard. (with the strength of up-down) (exid's up-down dance is born) so 50 more times. we did it 50 times. that was 7 times.

that was only 7 times? let's go. 7, 8. (so another 10 minutes and another 10 minutes...) - this is tough. / - 5, 6, 7, 8... 5, 6, 7, 8... i bet that team isn't doing this. you're such good dancers. - but... / - we need to be feminine. their lines don't look that good.

if you look at other girl group members they have pretty lines when they dance. like wonder girls or miss a. their movements aren't that elaborate. your shoulders... don't think of opening your chest... turn your shoulders. (turn shoulders, lower arms and suck in chest) if you do this, the problem is...

this part opens. put strength here. tighten this part. good. - it's like ballet. / - right. think of it like ballet. up on your toes. i have my feet touching. how can you do that? now move up a step at a time like this.

walk so you make this line. - like this? / - right. hold it. stand up straight. start. a little more. look... girls don't... this is how i usually walk. what do you do when you want to look pretty? (i'm the most beautiful girl)

oh, right. you're walking around like that. how can it just come out like that? you have to be born with that. that's why i can't do it. but i'll give it a shot. good. my toes... - i have a cramp here. / - in an instant...

you should keep practicing this. just walking on stage can become choreography. (you can see this walking during girl group openings) (using their elegant lines as choreography!) i feel like i'm learning model walking. i bet jinkyung could be good at this. or can she? - 1, 2, 3, 4. / - isn't this hard? - 5, 6, 7, 8. / - it's hard.

one more time. 1, 2... 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4... are we doing this all night? my stomach hurts! when do we finish, teacher? why so many? - we already finished. / - one last time! two more! 7, 8. two more!

can you just go back to your office job? this is like dieting. you're tougher than jyp. at least he let us walk forward. teacher, i'm sorry but... can i see your id? because you keep covering your face... and now that i think about it... all you did was flip during the battle.

- i... / - have you ever taught anyone? i didn't mention this earlier. i taught many 1st place singers. any singer you can get on the phone now? jihoon? jihoon. - jihoon? / - he knows him. i'm close with jung jihoon. - then call him. / - let's see if you have his number.

where is it? it's under b... not the credit card. that's his current number? - yes. it's jihoon's number. / - you go to his wedding? yes, i did. call him? for real? they're really making me. (why is he kneeling for a phone call?) (not threatening him, didn't do anything, not angry)

hello? hey, jihoon. hello? it's gyusang. can you take a call now? i'm doing a shoot now. they don't believe me that i was your dancer. they're calling me a fraud. why are you kneeling? why are you calling him on your knees?

(modest when he talks on the phone) are you the rain that we all know? yes, hello. but the thing is... - it's our first time meeting the dance trainer. / - yes. all he does is make us do squats. he says it's for basics. is this true? oh, sure. the basics are important.

he doesn't seem like he's that good at dancing. he's good when he's drunk. he's a poor dancer. can you prove it to us for around 10 minutes? actually... he's the one who taught me to dance when i was younger. (rain's dancing teacher when he was younger!) - he seems different now. / - yeah. he's a good dancer.

i'm really sorry but i'm at immigration at the airport. can i call back? no, no. you don't have to. hurry and go abroad. congratulations and thank you. - congratulations. / - congratulations. - thanks, jihoon. / - you're amazing, teacher. we'll believe you now. - do more squats? / - no. now raise your shoulders. - teacher... / - now...

he's the one that made rain. why would you doubt him? sook, you're the one that wanted to see his license. you kept doubting him first. sorry, teacher. - uneven. / - this side isn't working well. he was a bit flustered. he's a huge fan. - who is? / - jihoon is. "tell them i'm a huge fan of the unnies."

wow... what an honor. i'll teach you the chorus part of "full moon." i'll teach you that. you'll work on the latter half yourselves. that's our homework? (the major team starts the "full moon" lesson) (this dance is known for sexiness) (can the bubbly somi do sexy dances?) (minzy is great at flashy dance moves)

(can she pull off sexiness?) (no need to worry!) (they soak everything in like sponges!) (it takes them 5 minutes to learn the cover dance!) for this part... - like this. / - here too. let's try sistar's "ma boy." it's just like what we learned. (their homework is to practice this body wave)

let's give it a shot. - head. / - head. when you do shoulders, bring the head back up. 3, 4... head... (step-by-step body wave for minor team) (fold in shoulders, head back in place) (next, stick out the chest, then stomach, then knees) do you get it now? - not really. / - head...

- head. / - shoulders. - chest. / - chest. stomach. knees. 3, 4. head, shoulders, chest, stomach... (good at doing it separately) you're doing well. back... (on the other hand...)

(half-dried seaweed) jinkyung, you just start here and go up. (is this starting again?) (she really needs a lot of work) you're supposed to move your body back, stick out your stomach and move like this. 3... let's try. 3, 4. let's try. 3, 4. yes! good! yes! good!

yes! good! (does she need to go to sleep?) you were doing well... up to here. stick your stomach out. then sit. (slouching) i've seen a giraffe eat like this. (another world) gosh, this is so hard.

jinkyung, you can do this. just one more time. - you're doing well. / - you're doing well. you're doing well. last time. 1, 2... (blasts off to the end of the world) - jinkyung, are you okay? / - this is hard. (they can only practice hard...) (this time, it's the vocal test!)

i didn't mean to but my voice kept trembling. i felt like my heart was going to explode. i wanted to run away. (no mic, no music) (let us hear your bare voices) (and the person that makes them tremble) we'll bring the vocal trainer in. jinyoung. - jinyoung. / - who? jyp?

wow, he's so handsome. - he's the vocal trainer? / - hello. he was the lead singer of black beat. - oh, right. / - i know black beat. - then in sm... / - no wonder he looked familiar. he's the vocal trainer for exo, girls' generation... - and all the sm singers. / - really? (sm vocal trainer, jang jiyoung) (he ended his short yet glamorous job as an idol)

(and became a vocal trainer) (girls' generation) (shinee) (exo) (and red velvet, he made their voices) (what he teaches becomes the k-pop standard!) hello. nice to meet you. i'm vocal trainer, jang jinyoung. it's an honor to be working with hyungsuk.

i'll do my best. can't you smile as you talk? are you trying to scare us at first? - do you have family troubles? / - not at all. are you normally kind? i don't think i have a problem. he's so serious. you don't yell when you teach, right? i don't curse at women.

but you curse at men? a bit. i think i do. better be careful, jinkyung. why? i'm a woman. - i'm a woman. / - the first woman to be cussed at. the first woman? - let's hear the teacher sing. / - yeah. - because... / - just a bit. - he might not be good. / - right.

- it's possible. / - sing for us. he seems a bit offended. i've been teaching singing so... - i'll try my best to teach you. / - i bet he's scary. we're a bit scared now. - come on. / - i'm a bit scared. we'd better not joke around. he was a bit scary. i felt like i was a trainee again.

you got the notice? - one song in common and one free choice. / - yes. i'll call out one person at a time and you can step up and sing. - no way! / - gosh! - it's like an audition. / - more than anything... i'll be checking how good your basics are so don't be too nervous. so i'd like each person to sing.

(the cameras are changed for the test) who are you learning singing from? just relax. jinkyung is pretty good. she's so relieved. it'll be harder if you think of it that way. - just try to relax, minzy. / - okay. you have the hardest part. we'll test each person now.

- yes. / - we'll start with... - i hope i'm not first. / - sook first. (show us what the oldest can do) don't look at me. look straight and sing. i have to do well for them to do well. - is there an instrumental? / - i'm nervous for her. - no. just your voice. / - just sing with nothing? - without a mic? / - it'll be the best way to judge you. - for this too. / - i'm ruined.

contestant 1, comedian of 20 years, kim sook. yes, let's hear your free choice song. i prepared a song that requires some skill. jung kyounghwa's "invitation to me." (a popular song in the 1990s for girls that could sing) (you need a wide of vocal range for this song) (will sook be able to pull it off?) ♪ the mysterious way you look ♪

♪ it's love to me ♪ ♪ like the slowly unfolding clock ♪ ♪ you're the light in the darkness ♪ the key is too high. (she tries to hit the high note again) (hmm...) (sook keeps her pace until the end) her voice has a lot of power. (after the climax, she slowly comes down)

(the other girls are impressed) what was your main focal point while singing? what? what were you thinking of while singing this? oh, i was supposed to do that? for example, the rhythm... what? rhythm? there are many factors like emotions. - key, emotion... / - emotion?

i was just trying not to mess up the lyrics... i thought they'd joke a bit since this is a variety show but they were just serious about practice. i'm not a funny person. i'm the person that's supposed to train them. so i wasn't too pleased about their attitudes. (scary...) hello. i'm contestant 2, eternal battery hong jinyoung. nice to meet you.

eternal battery... (♪ the battery was dead ♪) (jinyoung starts pretty relaxed) (stays on the rhythm of the original song!) (she's pretty good!) (her neck starts to turn red from singing) (she gets through the high notes in jinkyung's part) (that's it) shut.

it's just shut. - ♪ shut ♪ / - right. (hehe) when you were singing... i understand it felt awkward and uncomfortable but i want you to get lost in the song next time. that's the basics of singing regardless of how good you are. it has to be you.

if you seem awkward, nobody will be moved by your singing. understood. next is somi. - good luck, somi. / - let's go. hi, i'm contestant 3, somi. (only the youngest can hear the instrumental) (how cute) (♪ so i couldn't pick up the phone ♪)

(half air and half sound, just like the jyp style) (but) (starting to clap out the beat) don't speed up. (she keeps speeding up from being nervous) no, you don't have to clap. (hang in there, somi) (slow down) ♪ it's done... ♪ oops.

i think i was too nervous. producer kim hyungsuk was there and the trainer that taught all those amazing sm artists looked so scary. so... i was really scared being up there. i don't think i did as well as i practiced. - cute. / - that was cute. i tend to speed up when i get nervous. it's most important to stay on tempo.

that makes the listener feel at ease. doesn't it feel totally different standing up there? - it's totally different. / - right. - it feels like you're up there naked. / - yes! - you feel a chill. / - for real. that's when you go inside of yourself. inside of you. somi, would you say your vocals are on the weak side rather than powerful?

my voice tends to stand out. - i see. / - i used to sing hard... but when i was a trainee and even in my group now my voice stood out, so i tried to sing softer. that's why my style has changed like this. even when you talk, instead of talking like this... you talk like this... so i'd like you to vocalize more.

next is... next. - hong jinkyung. / - yes. - jinkyung said she's in top condition today. / - yeah. (she tried singing "love is always thirsty") (she couldn't get through the chorus) (she could hear the laughter with her eyes closed...) what are you going to sing? a ballad? youme's "love is always thirsty."

is there a reason you always choose this song? i got the most decent reaction for singing this song. really? (she starts right away in case someone stops her) (♪ the pain i held in for you ♪) (goodness...) (at least she's really into the song) (sigh...) (she gets past where she got stuck last time)

(she gets more into the song now) (in jinkyung's mind now) (she's a world-class diva) (trying her best not to laugh) (♪ i don't think i'll be able to come back ♪) (muffled laughter) (her modern music is a bust again) (twitch) finish up.

(♪ my love is thirsty ♪) you just seem thirsty. (cough) that was so cute! - while she was singing... / - good work. - can i go next? / - yes. (she's great at positioning) did you practice "shut up?" i've never sang this kind of song before

so it was really hard for me. and when i got the text for this assignment, i was right before boarding a plane from the u.s. all i could do on the plane was listen to the song and mouth out the words. and the passenger next to me thought i was crazy. - saying shut up. / - but still... shut up. let's hear it.

- let's go! / - let's go! - you can do this! / - you can do it! (what was the key?) i felt vibrating. was that an impression? (i was trying to find the right key) i'm nervous. (contestant 5 is children's song fan, han chaeyoung) (what is this singing style?)

(♪ that's ridiculous ♪) (the experts start to murmur) (she doesn't seem to mind) (chaeyoung tries hard for each note) (smiles) - she's good. / - she's good. (a bit awkward but calmly claps along and sings) (nervous) (will she hit the high notes too?)

(♪ why are you doing this now ♪) (13 hours of craziness, ♪ shut, shut up ♪) (she even got through the high notes!) that's so high. i feel like my heart's going to explode! - why? / - that was good. normally people would go... ♪ the battery was dead ♪ and start like that. 1, 2, 1...

♪ the battery was dead ♪ you went in off beat. - you rode the beat? / - i just listened for 13 hours. so i could hear the beat. see? you just have to try. i heard you sang "the 3 bears" so i was really worried. but that was a lot better than i thought it would be. i was also really worried. - this means she practiced a lot. / - she improved.

you're good at hitting the high notes. - but the low notes were no good? / - no, no. always so confident... i'm so envious of her courage too. i'm always so timid and afraid. yes. i'm hopeless. where are you going? - the bathroom. / - from being nervous? go ahead.

hurry back. - we'll start afterwards. / - are you running away? no. - you're going to the bathroom? / - yes. - you're not running away? / - i'm not. minzy. - gosh... / - minzy, minzy. minzy! i'm contestant 6, dancer of 24 years,

gong minzy. you're 6? (bright eyes) (how will minzy's "shut up" sound?) (you can tell she's on another level already) (my goodness) (she's crazy good) (her expressions and gestures look so relaxed) (she's totally riding that groovy rhythm)

(is this really just her voice?) (this is like watching a concert) and that's it. (totally amazed) - you're the best. / - thank you. amazing. we know this song. - ♪ the battery was dead ♪ / - that's hard to sing. like watching "music bank."

that's how it should be done. what was most important for you while singing this? this is something that's being told to a man. you're telling him to quiet down. so i sang like i was talking. - i tried to enjoy myself. / - i got the chills. that's what jyp said. - really? / - gosh... what's with her?

i tend to focus more on my flaws. so once teddy tried to console me and said that i have two guns. he told me i'm good at dancing as well as singing and rapping so that makes me an important member. (so minzy can proudly sing now) (grabbing her sweater)

thank you. you really do get nervous up there! what's your deal? i had to put my sweater on from getting the chills. my mouth is all dry. i'm having trouble breathing. (maybe i should run away...) it's a good thing you didn't see. it's better this way for you to be relaxed.

that was smart. - so smart. / - i'm the last person you saw sing. this is good. just go now. with that same feeling. jinkyung, chaeyoung and then you. think like that. (as bright as she was, the darkness of loss is far-off) what do i do? i'm really scared, so i want to meet a good teacher.

the teacher that can make me sing will receive good fortune. my name is kang yewon. please help me get better, teacher. here i go. (♪ when the cold wind blows ♪) (her racing heart makes her voice tremble) (carefully) she was so stressed about singing

so she had to be really brave to try it out again. i was really proud of her. and i even respect her for that. (compared to her past days) (no song, dress or string ensemble now) (so yewon sings lightheartedly) i don't think my voice cracked. - right? / - that's because you were cautious.

if your voice was a bell, you were quietly hitting it like this. you should hit it confidently. but you worried your voice would crack. - i want to ask one more thing of you. / - yes. - you don't have to do this. / - yes. can you sing a vocal music song you used to sing? (flustered) like your entrance exam song.

- my entrance exam song? / - for university... just a little bit. - my vocalizing... / - i want to see your strengths. - you have a lot of strengths now. / - yes. but i'd like to hear you sing vocal music too. - any song. / - wow... so... it's for us to judge you. - not to see how good you are. / - yes.

any song that comes to mind. nice. (she's singing this song again after 10 years) (good so far) my voice cracks a bit here... it's okay. - okay. very good. / - that's what happens. i wanted to hear those notes. from your head voice.

- just singing a bit makes my voice crack. / - okay. let's try to fix that. okay, okay. her vocal cords aren't stressed. i worry it's all in her head right now. we have an allotted amount of time so i'm really worried about whether she can keep up. you're done. goodness...

you can't help getting nervous up there. (good work) (the vocal level test ends) some people were very good and others showed unexpected promise. for some people i was just... made me feel like that. did anyone get below a score of 5? yes, there is.

- it must be me. / - but first... - this isn't everything right now. / - so cruel... you'll continue to learn. first is... obviously. - agreed. / - we already congratulated her. i gave you a 9 . a 9 out of 10. it's not 1st that's important. it's 6th and 7th.

second is... i think up to third has been decided. - i don't feel regret. / - we know up to third place. tied for third with 7 points... - tied for third? / - hold on, hold on. - hold on. / - hold on. tied for third with somi? (trauma) (ketchup)

(2 verse singer) i think it's doable. look. - except for you. / - no, this is... - i can get this. / - i can get third. - right? / - tied for third? i gave one person this score for her potential and the other person for doing well. - somi and... / - somi is 3rd.

yewon. sorry, sook. i'm out of this group. how was she different from us? i'd like to hear an explanation. first of all, i liked that she tried to sing despite her vocal cord nodule. and even with all that, the quality of her singing wasn't bad.

her voice tends to crack sometimes but i think she can overcome that. so next is 5th? there are also people tied for 4th, - it just ended up like that. / - hold on. - wait. / - so it's 5th place. - that doesn't sound right. / - it's you three. - these 3. / - so 5th is... that's one person left.

it's not me. - for real. / - sook... tied for 5th... is sook. i did it! - i did it! / - and... chaeyoung, we did it. hold on, teacher. - teacher... / - jinkyung, don't do that.

i was worse than chaeyoung? - i think there's been a mistake. / - a mistake? teacher, what was our score? i gave you both a 6. 6 points? wow! so 5 and below is jinkyung? last place is jinkyung. you'll have to train with me a lot from now on. jinkyung again?

this is a bit unexpected. listen to this, teacher. as for chaeyoung... i'm not trying to badmouth her but watch... ♪ the battery was ♪ she left out dead. she left out dead! - for real and... / - what happened... (♪ the battery was... so i couldn't pick up the... ♪)

- her breath can't last until "dead!" / - no. no, no. ♪ so i couldn't pick up the ♪ - she left out "phone!" that's twice! / - purposely. i sang all the words. you were very off-key. - that's why... / - alright. i'll accept it. she didn't even sing the last words. we'll start our lesson now. your low notes seem floaty

that's why your voice trembled. i didn't tremble that much. it's not like i was shivering. your vocal cords don't close well, so your breathing... (we won't waste the precious time of the viewers...) your vibrato isn't good... - that's why... / - teacher, i'm sorry but... i don't like vibrato

which is why i purposely tend to avoid it. - i get what you're saying. / - for real. i like to sing things clearly so i leave out the vibrato. - but... / - but if that's what you wanted... you should've told us from the start. - i could've done it. / - jinkyung. - can you do it? / - shall we try it out? - try what? / - vibrato?

- vibrato? / - yes. i can do it. what was your free choice song from before? (getting into it) (off key!) (infatuated) (♪ i know ♪) (i can't help laughing) she has sorrow in her voice.

- you have a very nice body. / - pardon? - you have a nice body. / - how did you know? right. how did you know? you're a model. - you have a nice body. / - right. - i consider vocal training... / - "how did you know?" kind of like exercising your body. no matter how expensive your clothes are you can't help a gut that sticks out.

if you lose that gut, you'll look good in even jeans and a t-shirt. your fundamentals are very weak right now. - chaeyoung. / - yes. this is what i wrote for you. high larynx, can't hit the high notes, unsteady key, improper pronunciation, singing out the notes. yet i still lost to her.

you wrote nothing good about her. can you try this? (chaeyoung will practice basic vocalizing) (pressured) that's too high. it's not. (tries again) sing louder. (that's a pretty high register)

she can hit the high notes. again. - i feel like i'll run out of breath! / - yes, keep going. (this scene looks familiar) (she can really do it) (this register is hard for most people to hit!) she's really good. she goes up as high as a soprano. you are more of a soprano.

you can even start at "mi." i'm really envious that she can hit those high notes so softly. yes, she has a thin voice. i always thought i couldn't sing high notes. you can do it. you'll be able to sing them in 4 months. it sounds really pretty. so she can do it if she tries.

you feel better about being last now? i'm trying to forget about that. my bad. why do you remind me when i'm trying to forget? just take it easy. it's okay. i've had a vocal cord nodule too. so i know what it feels like. how were you treated? i wasn't going to sing

so someone suggested i get the surgery but i didn't and just let it be. i didn't plan on singing again. i see. so i do feel i should be careful. i used to teach wendy of red velvet. her problem was that she always pushed herself too hard when she was a trainee

because she wanted to debut so badly. she got a vocal cord nodule then. and she debuted like that. what i recommended to wendy was that she should practice using her head voice. you can do this. it's not that high. you can do it. - with your head voice. / - it's too high. - it's okay. you can do it. / - how?

- can you push it out more? / - more? you just hit the note. see? she can do it. you have to use that sound and strength and maintain it as you work your way down. i'll find out through practice whether i can do this or not. so i'm still unsure of myself. but i should at least try

or else i'll never get better. let's clap for our teacher for his hard work to come. - please be good to us! / - please be good to us! - i should... / - actually... i talked to the staff about whether you should get treatment. there should be other ways besides surgery. let's figure it out together. (after all the hectic testing, it's night now)

- what is this? / - where is this place? it's not well-built prison is it? is this where we'll be staying from now on? now it really feels like we're in a girl group. - i can't get it up here. / - this is really tough. - dang it! / - i'll help. this is nuts! - we should decide on rooms. / - it's so warm. now it really feels like we're a girl group.

- is this our accommodation? / - we'll live here. (next episode) dancing in pajamas. no, no. (and the day of the examination) how much did you practice? i'm sorry. i'll try that again. can you do it if you try again? i think that was a total mess.

i feel like you take me for a fool. can we listen to it right now? (i'm hyungthoven, of course) (want to listen to the new song?) ("spring day" by bts)

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