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dots on penis

>> that is the worst first dateever. >> james: worst first dateever. >> it feels like we're on a dateright now. >> james: let's take a look atwhat we have here and starting with something which is alreadymaking me so sick in my mouth is

dots on penis

dots on penis, the fish eye. we have bird sal iva-- kaliva. hot sauce. cod sperm, which i'm slightlyconfused as to how they get it.

we then have grasshoppers. a sardine smoothie a bullpenis. and that old classic, clamjuice. okay. so here's how the game works. i'm going to ask you a question. you can either answer thatquestion or if you don't want to answer that question, you haveto eat whatever i give you. >> okay.

>> james: and we will do thatvice remembersa versa. so i will give you, i will giveyou the sardine smoothie, okay. neither kendall or myself haveseen these questions, are you ready? >> uh-huh. no, no. >> james: kendall, three ofyour neices and nephews are named dream, north and saint. rank those baby names from bestto worst.

>> i am really considering it. like answering. >> james: yeah. what is the best name. >> cuz this is like a smoothie,this makes it even grosser than just the fact that it'ssardines, i like north, i've always liked north. >> james: so north is best. >> yeah.

>> james: let's find out whichone you hate. (laughter)>> oh my god. north-- then-- dream. >> james. >> north, saint, dream. >> james: all right. >> i still love them. >> james: of course. now what would you like to giveme to eat.

>> cuz you had so much to sayabout it, i am going to give you the cod sperm. >> james: oh no. >> ha ha. (laughter). >> james: oh my god. james, your parents are lovelypeople who often do comedy bits for your show. in fact, they're both heretonight.

>> james: yes. >> my question is who do youprefer, your mom or your dad? >> james: that's a greatquestion. what do did you say, mom? are you saying you don't wantyour son to eat cod sperm? >> well, let me think, let methink. >> james: my dad is great foradvice, and he's great for advice and checking in, and isan incredible friend. my mom gives great cuddles.

>> as moms do. >> james: i could never, andwill never choose them. >> good for you. >> oh my god, i'm going to throwup for you. (cheers and applause). that was just horrific. oh, right. you asked for it. i am going to give you, yeah,i'm going to give you the bird

saliva. >> how does that even happen. >> james: i don't know how ithappens. but it is a full cup of a birdsaliva. kendall, who is your leastfavorite member of taylor swift's squad? there's selena gomez, haileysign feld, carla delavigne, carly clause, gigi or taylorswift. >> what did it taste like.

>> i don't want to tell you. >> james: all right g for tlay one on me. >> all right, okay. >> james: you have a littlebullpenis over here, clam juice, grasshoppers. >> i am going to do bell penis. >> james: a bull's penis,okay. jeez, okay. >> james.

>> who is one guest you refuseto have back on your show and why? >> james: who wrote these? >> i'm so sorry. >> james: i can't even eatit-- i can't even chew it i can't believe i came to worktoday and i have had cod sperm and a bull's penis. (cheers and applause)>> i'm proud of you. i'm proud of you.

>> james: i mean it really ischewy. >> i'm impressed. >> james: all right, i'm goingto give you. >> shut up. >> james: i will give you,yeah, i'm going to give you the clam juice. >> james: yeah, clam juice,clam juice we're going to go for on this one. kendall, your sister kielywas-- kylie was supposed to be

on our show tonight but shecancelled yesterday morning because she was sick, yeah, shewas sick. here's a paparazzi photo of herthat-- so my question is, how is she feeling? >> this is so good. >> james: you what? >> drink the clam juice. >> what is-- . >> james: it's the juice of aclam, don't smell it it.

>> i did it. >> james: there st.well done. >> that is disgusting. >> james: all right, go for tsend one around to me. here we go, what you got? >> grasshoppers. >> james: okay. >> you have one of the bestbands in late night, each of them so talented.

>> james: let's do it. >> you have to fire one of them. which one do you choose? >> james: i've got to fire onemember of the band. so either tim, steve or guillermo. i mean why would you ever fireany of them. but i'm saying i've got to firesomeone. i can't fire hega because thereis a huge amount of our audience tune in every night just to seehega.

(applause)why do you do that to yourself? spill your guts or fill yourguts, kendall jenner, everybody. we'll be right back with kendalland michael strahan. (applause).♪

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