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pooping once a week

pregnancy makes me poop more! i fail to see the problem, since you’vebeen peeing for two for months. i do not know if this is a problem or not,or what to do about it. you’re not supposed to literally eat fortwo, but if you eat more, you’ll poop more, too. that’s not bad per se unless it istoo much.

pooping once a week

pooping once a week, it seems like it is too much. pregnancy can weaken your immune system, andeven peeing more means you’re more likely to get poop germs in the bathroom in yourdigestive tract. if your poop is liquid more than a couple times a day, talk to the doctorbefore you get dehydrated.

i’m drinking a lot. water, juice and other stuff that actuallyhydrates you, i hope. you’re prone to picking up a stomach bug, and you’re at risk oflanding in the hospital for it. i do not think it is to that level. good, because dehydration that’s reallysevere can actually trigger labor. just what i need, super-poops and labor atonce. and you may have trouble telling which iswhich. actually, if you’re in early labor, you’ll probably poop a lot in advance dueto all the abdominal muscles working hard. i’ve never heard of that as a symptom oflabor.

all the effort to start pushing the kid downand around the pelvic bone engages all the muscles in the back and stomach, and you’relikely to super-poop, too, before you push out the kid. i’m not in labor. if you’ve been eating really healthy withmore leafy greens and oatmeal, you’ll poop more. however, that’s better than developinghemorrhoids. i’ve heard hemorrhoids are worse than labor,but i’m still a few weeks away from knowing if that is true. if you’re eating more fruits and vegetables,you’re taking in a larger volume and putting

out a larger volume – but that’s a goodthing, because you’re getting healthier food. it feels like i’m doing a colon cleanse. when you are pregnant, do not do a colon cleanse. i’m not; it only feels like it. i hate peeingwhen i sneeze, and how i’m running to the bathroom for this, too. usually the pee leak is a problem now becausethe kid is pushing on your bladder and afterward because labor weakens the muscles in thatarea. immediately after labor, you may have the same reduced control for the poop, too.

so we’re both in diapers. if it is that bad now, talk to a doctor.

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