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0:00well which is better for me aspirin ibuprofenwell at about a three hour 0:08ashburn acetyltransferase cassidy is goodfor several times on the small does 0:13baby does eighty-one milligrams0:15helps prevent heart attacks in need 0:18helped0:19giving us preventing a second heart attack in the end and will end0:24and then when one helps prevent strokes


arcoxia, not so in the end0:30aspirin baby aspirin is good for everybody that's had a heart attack0:34needed to prevent one women to prevent strokes0:37aspirin and larger doses are good for those painful joints0:41bread

0:42you have to take na0:43and adult aspirin a day at are more 0:46you too much esprit hearing in the risk0:49to manchester you get heartburn indigestion sometimes here to take0:53another medication for that common cause of g_i_ bleeding0:57real hard doses 0:59it's an interesting1:01aspirin cannot can actually 1:04get rid of uric acid logos1:06mail a bit uric acid for those of you here and get out1:10uh... ibuprofen is a better anti-inflammatory 1:14aspirins good1:15both ibuprofen aspirin you take the stomach 1:18don't take those medicines w

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