Kamis, 25 Mei 2017


i'm in prison, you're amongst the flowers my heart suffers i want you to cry high are the walls, i can't reach you i send you salvation from my holy god


yasmin, another loved you, i was jealous armed with love i killed him fifteen years in prison, my beloved

i'm in chains, my life is in ruins tell me what you want i won't go with you, not even if you die i was an orphan, you abandoned me god is paying you back because you've sinned i will make you a black dress and to the synagogue pour the oil don't send me anymore sad little letters

i will burn you with gas for what you've done i took another, a rich man i don't want to hear anymore of you, not even your name english translation: www.lyricstranslate.com (phantasmagoria) discover music! instagram.com/dunyadansesler

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