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why can't i orgasm

00:12comm: father of two dale decker suffers from a rare and seemingly incurable condition thatleads to him suffering up to 100 unwanted orgasms a day. 00:22dale: there's nothing pleasurable about it, because even though it might physically feelgood, the whole time inside your mind you're

why can't i orgasm

why can't i orgasm, completely disgusted by what's going on anddepending on where you're at, if you're in public, if you're in front of your kids, ifyou're around strangers it can make a person break real fast. 00:45comm: the 37-year-old is the first man to

ever speak publicly about the condition, knownas persistent sexual arousal syndrome, or psas. and he says it's ruining his life. 00:57dale: when you're on your knees at your father's funeral at his casket and you're saying goodbyeto him and then you have nine orgasms right there, while your whole family is standingbehind you it just makes you never want to have another orgasm as long as you live. buty'know what? they just keep on coming. 01:25comm: dale from wisconsin in america, was enjoying his suburban life in 2012 when heslipped a disk in his back while getting out of a chair, triggering the condition for unknownreasons.

01:37dale: they put me in the back of the ambulance to take me to the hospital and on the waythere i had my first five orgasms and they've never stopped. 01:46comm: dale has been unable to work since the accident and is mostly housebound throughfear of experiencing an episode in public. but he enjoys playing frisbee golf with hisclosest friends. 02:06dale: they happen at all times in any situation, they happen when i'm awake, they happen wheni'm asleep, they happen in the shower. i just had nine rather powerful orgasmic sensationsflow through my entire body, and now it feel

like every muscle from here to about hereis doing this. 02:33comm: while the condition is so rare most doctors can't even diagnose it, it is widelyacknowledged by specialists in the field. 02:40dena: psas is a condition of unrelenting genital arousal and spasms, which is not necessarilysexual. and they have no idea when this is going to happen, or how often and can leadto intense suffering. 02:58comm: and this suffering is felt in dale's home life, where wife april struggles to copewith the situation. 03:04april: we tend to have arguments about stuff

that really shouldn't be argued about. wereally struggle right now, i mean he can't work and help supply so i feel stressed fromthat. 03:22comm: and psas is even affecting dale's relationship with his children. christian and tatum. 03:28april: they don't have a relationship, he doesn't go to like practices because he feelsembarrassed and the kids don't know about his condition, so the kids don't quite understandwhy dale won't be there 03:45comm: the threat of a spontaneous orgasm isn't the only thing that keeps dale afraid to leavehome.

03:50dale: sometimes i have an erection for three, four hours at a time, often on they come andgo with like 30, 40 a day so it's really hard to deal with. it's possible to have sex withmy wife, we don't very often because it becomes frustrating because for me there's no end. 04:08comm: desperate for help, dale has turned to therapist diane london to see if she canshed light on the condition. 04:15dale: it's destroying every part of every thing in my life. 04:21diane: when it comes to sexual issues people

get very - 04:40diane: i've never seen anything like that before. there are no words. it's hard to knowif it's real, this makes me want to find him some relief. otherwise this is a horribleway for him to have to live. 04:59comm: but even in the face of such desperate odds, there is hope for dale's future. 05:04dena: it's very brave of dale to come out and publicly talk about it, he's suffering,but there is help for him, there are doctors that can help him, so um i hope that he'sgetting some help. i think the main problem

is probably that nobody believes that it'sa medical condition, they think it's in his head and it's not y'know he's got a real medicalproblem. 05:31dale: i just try to take one day at a time, hopefully some day somebody will come up withsomething because i would like to get back to my normal life one day, and get back tobeing the person i'm supposed to be instead of the person this has turned me into.

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