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urine smells

[cats meowing] insider secrets to getting rid of catpee smell when you're normally lovable cat beginspeeing outside the litter box or spraying yourfurniture there's more to worry about than ahorrible older prolonged exposure to cat

urine smells

urine smells, urine can cost thousands of dollars indamage to the structure of your home and can create respiratory healthproblems for your family has created thisdefinitive guide to show you how to get rid of that pungent smell of cat peeinside your home

there are several effective cleaningmethods both store-bought and homemade remedies that work isspecially well when combined different treatments are also used toattack urine stains on soft surfaces hard surfaces and machine washable items the good news is that you can handlemost ordinary accidents on your own without spending alot of money. these simple steps will walk you through neutralizing, sanitizing and deodorizing cat urine stains that you can catch quickly you'll find links to any recommendedproducts we mention in this video

in the article below or in the youtubedescription first find a stain. you have two goals to clean this stain and eliminate thesmell since cats return to the area where they urinated it's critical that you completely getrid of the cat pee to do this you must first findeveryplace your cat has urinated when a soiled area is already dry it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact location since you know the general area in apinch you could resort to crawling

around in sniffing out the spot you will know you have found it when you start gagging on the skunky scent. a better method for finding the stain isusing a blacklight you can purchase a handheld uv lightfrom any general store for ten to twenty dollars black light out also available for yoursmartphone or tablet but don't usually work as well as a uvflashlight turn on the uv light in a completelydarkened room and then scan the floor furniture andmore walls you're looking for a glowing

fluorescent green splotches check corners chair and table legs aswell stacked books on your shelves outlined the stain with chalk or stringso that you know where the clean when you flip on the lights blotting up soft surfaces cats love to snuggle up in things thatare soft and cuddly so carpets rugs so close in mattressesare easy targets for urine if you're lucky enough to catch a wetspot on a soft surface before it dries and you need to soak up as much as theliquid as possible

grab a pair rubber gloves roll of papertowels and stack of newspapers place a thick layer of newspaper on the stain and then add a layer of paper towels. terry cloth towels also work well since they are able to absorb more liquids and are easily washable using the methods we’ll talk about later in the linens section. blot the stain by applying pressure withyour hands or feet once the rags are soaked swap them out and repeat blotting until you are nolonger absorbing urine

do not scrub the stain back and forthwith a towel or brush this pushes particles deeper into thecarpet fibers while you'll be tempted to toss those urine-soaked papers straight into the garbage can place some in the litter box to reinforce the scent where your cat should their business neutralize odors with an enzymatic cleaner store-bought intermatic cleaners are notchemicals or older masking products like carpetfresheners and fabrics sprays. these microbes solutions are non-toxicand biodegradable

which makes them safe for your home your family and your pets the biological enzymes attack the bacteria in the urine and break down the proteins to neutralize the overpowering ammonia smell. pet supplies stores carrya selection at enzyme cleaners nature’s miracle and emmy’s best spray are widely recognized for their effectiveness at reducing and eliminating the smell of cat pee. using other chemicals on the stain before trying an enzymatic cleaner can interfere with the ability of thenatural cultures to do their job it’s easy to make your own enzymatic cleaner.

it is inexpensive and only requires some citrus rinds, brown sugar and water but the fermenting processrequires waiting three months that is not very helpful when you need to get rid of the cat pee smell now. we've provided instructions on how tomake your own and our website however instead of always cleaning catpee however, instead of always cleaning cat pee, we recommend checking out our amazing guide that guarantees to stop your cat peeing outside the litter box first in the link below. when you're ready to apply the enzymatic cleaner for the best result you must carefullyfollow the directions on the bottle

in general or if you're using your homemade cleaner you'll need to thoroughly saturate thearea so that it wicks down into the deeper patting you also want to cover a larger areathan the visible stain in case the urine spread further out as it seeped beneath the surface. allow the cleaner air dry. this may take a few days if you are cleaning a mattress or couch cushion. a natural vinegar solution to combat cat pee smell if you prefer a common household itemremedy or the smell still lingering a

few days after using enzymatic cleaner then only to attack the stain with thestrong vinegar solution fill a spray bottle with equal amount ofwater and white vinegar and then saturate the soil the area. puton a pair of rubber gloves and then scrub the stain with a bristlebrush soak up the vinegar solution as previously discussed using either paper towels in newspapersor terry cloth towels that the wet area naturally dry suck uparticles with the carpet cleaner a carpet cleaner or wet vac is handyfor removing urine particles

as well sucking up excess cleaners and deodorizers that you've applied on the soil area. themachine drenches the spot with clean cool water and then sucks up loosened dirt. don'tuse a steam cleaner or hot water in carpet cleaners the heat will permanently set the stain. if you don't own a wet vac, then you can rent one from your localhardware store. reclaim your room with a natural deodorizer to ensure you completely eliminate the smell, treat the soiled area with a

homemade deodorizer while wearing rubber gloves mix up asolution of 1 cup baking soda with a half cup ofhydrogen peroxide and a few drops your favorite essentialoil such as lavender lemongrass oreucalyptus sprinkle the mixture over your carpet or furniture and let it airdry after several hours or the next dayvacuum in with your regular household appliance hard surfaces

while its easier to clean up hardsurfaces when you catch the accident quickly. cat urine can also do extensive damageto your hardwood floors concrete floors tables countertops walls and baseboards you wanna for soak up as much as theunit you can with a damp cloth using warm water. the next step is todisinfect the area with your favorite all-purpose surface cleaner make sure it does not contain ammoniasince is pungent gas smells like urine and will serve as an attractant to yourcat. to completely disinfect the area

prepare and spray bottle with 10 partswater and one part bleach saturate the area allow the solution tosoak in for one minute and then wipe it up with a damp longclaw be very careful about where you applythe solution since which can discolor or eat away at many materials. also be careful that you do not mix bleach with any ammonia based products and this cancreate a toxic reaction. washing cat pee out of your linens it's fairly easy to remove cat urinefrom machine washable linens

ranging from clothing and backpacks to bedding and towels. you can also use this method for cleaning terry cloth towels so that you can reuse them if there'sanother accident. on the first washing add an enzymatic cleaner to cold water. if there is still an odor after the cycle rewash the load withregular detergent, one box a baking soda, and 1 cup applecider vinegar allow the linens to air drie so thatyou do not set the stain continue this process until the smell isgone extensive damage from cat pee over longperiods of time maybe require a modeling

such as patching drywall replacingcarpet pads or painting so flooring whether olderblocking primer paint you may also want to consult aprofessional cleaner if you need to treat expensive rugs ordelicate upholstery now that your home smells fresh againyou need identify why your cat is spraying so that you can prevent it fromhappening again we have a guide available that is guaranteed to stop your cat from peeing outside the litter box click here for more information. for thelevel cat dot com is dedicated to you

and your feline friends. ask any questionabout cats in the comment section click in the video or links below towatch more great cat care videos subscribe to this youtube channel, visitour website or browse our online gifts store to findfun feline fashion

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