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how do women squirt

how to make any woman squirt a video by squirtbible.com chances are you’ve watched a pornographicvideo or have seen an image of a woman excreting a stream of liquid vaginally at the supposedpoint of her climax or “squirting”. this phenomena has gained both traction isthe pornography circuit as well as controversy

how do women squirt

how do women squirt, from a scientific standpoint. all you really need to know is that any womanis capable of squirting and the fluid actually comes from the female prostate the same waymale ejaculate does. if you’d like to experience this with yourpartner here are the best ways to make any

woman squirt: make her feel comfortable. although any woman if capable of squirtingsome women do not. there are many reasons why that could be butthe most likely is that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. there is a lot of misinformation out thereand she may have come to believe that the fluids she releases are something to feelembarrassed about. in these cases instead of relaxing her pelvicmuscles she may clench them tighter to inhibit the secretion of fluids.

let her know ahead of time that you find theprocess sexy. be prepared. once she feels reassured and is in a comfortableposition lying on her back start by massaging her pussy in preparation for penetration. you’ll want to make sure she’s wet beforeany kind of insertion. if this can’t be achieved naturally grabsome lube. stimulate her g spot. squirting occurs when the g spot is stimulatedand signals excretion from the prostate gland. the best way to locate and massage the g spotis to insert one finger and make the “come

here” motion against her upper vaginal wall. you should notice an area there that feelsdifferent from the rest of the vaginal canal. it should feel like it’s rippling and isslightly swollen. that’s your area of concentration. be patient and start with light strokes allowingthe pressure to build. throughout the experience make sure you’rechecking in with her and listening to the cues her body is giving you. don’t be afraid to ask her how she’s feelingand let her know that you are also enjoying the experience.

ultimately, a woman’s ability to squirtand the amount of fluid she releases depends on how sensitive her g spot is so don’tbe discouraged if it takes a little longer than expected. thanks for watching! hit the subscribe button now so you don’tmiss any new videos and checkout my site squirtbible.com for a technique that’ll have your womansquirting like a fountain tonight!

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