Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

ear popping when swallowing

hello friends today we will see how you can avoid having pain in ear during take off and landing you can see more such videos in our channel, please do subscribe the reason behind the pain is the difference in air pressure inside the ear and outside atmosphere lets see the remedies number 1

ear popping when swallowing

ear popping when swallowing, chew some sweets or chewing gum number 2 swallow your saliva number 3

try to yawn number 4 don't fall asleep during the take off and landing number 5 close your nose and ear using middle fingers and thumb of your both hands and try to exhale number 6 if you are flying with little ones then give them liquid like milk or water number 7 if you don't have sweets, cotton etc. then you can always ask the crew member for help

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