Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

squirting during sex

have you ever had a three hour long orgasm?yeah, me either. but according to tlc, there is at least onesuch woman, and she・s living in seattle! the wettest city in america. a couple identified only as liz and eric hadjust finished clapping pelvises. apparently liz wasn・t done quite as soonas eric.

squirting during sex

squirting during sex, after giving eric time to congratulate himself,the couple tried to ruin her big o in the most logical way possible, jumpingup and down and drinking more wine! but getting drunker didn・t help, so theywent to the hospital. doctors were perplexed but after 3 hours hermood dampened to exhaustion.

in an act of pure folly, i tried to googlefemale orgasms to discover the truth behind the 3 hour o the internets is awash with dubious informationabout how to give women longer, harder, better, wetter orgasms. some sources assert that earth shatteringorgasms are a matter of physiology. while others preach various techniques theysay can give any woman a super soaker. as for liz and eric, their last names andwhereabouts are unknown, meaning the three hour orgasm shall remaina matter of internet speculation. but don・t google it.

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