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does vicks work

treatment for stretch marks with vicks vaporub we will learn today a home treatment for stretch marks , very easy to do with excellent results ... this home treatment for stretch marks with vaporub vick, will help to lighten the red streaks and leave the less apparent white striations , also works for the brown streaks ... red or brown streaks are recent stretch marks and recover faster , as if white streaks , they are less apparent but the treatment for stretch marks with vaporub vick has better results in recent streaks same . but even if your stretch marks are white , it is worth using because it will give a downsized them, and the effect will be to get smoother ...

does vicks work

does vicks work, see step by step how to use vick to treat stretch marks ... ingredients for home treatment for stretch marks vicks vaporub how to use vicks vaporub for stretch marks

1- apply the vicks vaporub the splines , preferably at night after bathing. 2- have a massage on site to enable good circulation and make vick better penetrate the skin. 3- do not rinse , sleep with the product on the skin even . 4- you must use this treatment once daily , or at least three times a week. 5- this treatment takes around two months for the results appear, some people may see faster improvement with one month of treatment . others take a little more ... like the tip ? so you just take a joinha in the video there for me!

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